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The Rehabilitation Centre of the Latvian Society of the Blind is the only institution in Latvia that provides social rehabilitation services to people with visual disbilities. The services we offer are free of charge- they are paid for by the Latvian state.

The main task of the LSB RC is to provide social rehabilitation services to persons with visul impairments. According to the Law on Social Services and Social Assistance, a social rehabilitation service is a set of mesaures aimed at restoring or improving social functioning abilities to ensure the restoration of social status and inclusion in society, and includes services at the persons place of residence and social rehabilitation institution.

The staff of the Rehabilitation Center is a team of interdisciplinary professionals with several decades of experience. The staff uses their own methods borrowed from foreign colleagues, the main goal is to help people with visual impairments to acquire and improve the following everyday skills like :
  • cooking
  • move safely indoors and on the street
  • handle money, shop
  • to keep their clothes and home in order
  • work with a computer and mobile phone using talking and image magnifying programs
  • to realize your creative abilities by creating various creations with your own hands- beading, weaving baskets, making and felting
  • read and write in braille
  • use different assistive products
At the Rehabilitation Centre you can also:
  • exercise in the gym
  • receive consultations from a psychologist, social worker and other specialists