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How to recieve the magazine

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In order to apply for the magazine, a person with a visual disabilitu or his or her legal representative must submit an application form or a free-form application, which indicates:
  • name and surname
  • personal code
  • adress
  • telephone number or email address
  • format of a magazine witch you want to recieve
  • delivery address of the magazine (if different from the address or residence)
  • the date of writing the application and client's signature confirming the correctness of the provided information
  • if the information is submitted by a legal representative, name, surname, personal code, address , telephone number or e-mail address of the representative must be additionally indicated.

You can recieve the application:
  • in the editorial office of the magazine in Riga, Braila Street 3, 2nd floor
  • in any trritorial organization of the LSB
  • in assistive products department in Riga, Braila Street 3, 1st floor
  • in Rehabilitation centre in Riga, Braila Street 8

You can send your completed application form to the editorial office of the magazine or thr application may also be left at the nearest LSB territorial organization.

The application for the ROSME magazine must be filled in again every year. The application for the magazine for the following year starts on November 1 of the current year. You can apply for the magazine for the currents year in any month of the year. 
You can only apply for one magazine format.